Our client base spans a variety of industries including, commercial properties, manufacturing and distribution centers, government agencies and more. 

Industry Specific Solutions


Our clients are looking to improve or enhance sustainable waste management practices within their business operations. They have a serious desire to create a culture of sustainability throughout their company.

If you are looking for a way to decrease waste management costs or to improve ESG compliance, we provide our clients with customized sustainable waste management programs that suit each facility’s unique waste streams, challenges, and available resources.


Corporate Waste Solutions

Commercial Property Management

CWS delivers waste and recycling solutions for commercial real estate properties including office buildings, retail centers, mixed-use and industrial facilities.

Corporate Waste Solutions

Corporate Campuses

CWS solves the unique problems arising from Corporate campuses due to the variety of functions such as office buildings, wellness centers, cafeterias, labs, conference centers, research and development, and other employee amenities. 

Corporate Waste Solutions

National Accounts

For large global multi-site to regional mid-sized organizations, CWS provides a customized sustainable waste management program to suit each facility’s  unique waste streams, challenges, and available resources

Corporate Waste Solutions

Distribution Centers

CWS provides a holistic solution for Distribution Centers to manage operational waste, regional outlet, spent product, and waste that requires special handling/destruction. 

Corporate Waste Solutions

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities often generate large volumes of hard-to-handle waste streams or byproducts. CWS provides individualized attention and knowledge to maximize unique reuse and diversion opportunities.

Corporate Waste Solutions

Food & Beverage

CWS provides sustainable waste management solutions addressing purchasing, consumption, and packaging solutions for both front-of-house and back-of-house operations.     

Corporate Waste Solutions

Amusement and Theme Parks

CWS provides a comprehensive solution in managing the multiple waste streams generated from the various areas of operations.  

Corporate Waste Solutions

Zoos and Aquariums

As stewards of the environment, zoos and aquariums are expected to establish and maintain sustainable waste management programs.  CWS provides a comprehensive solution in managing the unique waste streams generated from the various areas of operations.      

Corporate Waste Solutions


CWS works with various government and state agencies.  To learn more about our government work, CLICK HERE.