Consolidate Your Waste Management Services

Providing a single-source solution for all your waste and recycling needs and a partnership you can count on.

Single Source Service

Each of our client facilities is producing multiple waste streams. It is common to acquire multiple vendors to receive the greatest service and rate combination available.

However, multiple vendors bring multiple contracts, invoices, contacts, and complexities.  CWS is your single-source solution for all your waste and recycling needs.  We provide you with one contact, one contract, and one invoice, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Trash Service
  • Recycling Service
  • Food Waste
  • Equipment Needs
  • Bale Service
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Electronic Waste
  • Universal Waste
  • Document Destruction Services
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Metal Recycling
Corporate Waste Solutions

Dedicated Sustainability Consultant

Corporate Waste Solutions

CWS provides you a dedicated Sustainability Consultant to manage your account in the most cost effective and sustainable way possible.  Our consultants develop long-lasting relationships with each client, understanding the needs, challenges, and goals of each facility to develop and implement a successful waste management program.  They continually monitor your program, invoices, and reports, looking for additional diversion and cost savings opportunities.  They are your direct contact and will handle all needs relating to the waste and recycling program.

Program Development

Most companies are surprised to discover just how much money they are wasting with their traditional waste management practices.  Each company and facility generates multiple, diverse waste streams and has its own unique needs, challenges, and goals.  CWS works closely with each client to develop a customized Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan using analytics, innovative technologies, training, and culture change.  Our priority is to provide clients with the most effective, environmentally friendly waste management solutions.

Corporate Waste Solutions

Education and Awareness

Corporate Waste Solutions

Our team approach is based on the belief that the key to a successful long-term waste and recycling program is the continual training of staff and employees in the building.  As repetition reinforces lessons, personnel tend to acquiesce to the management’s desire for change in personnel habits.  Success does not arrive after implementing one well thought out plan.  Therefore, the key to increasing the volume of recyclables stems from the simplicity of the program and communications and/or continuous training and education.

Recycling is behavioral.  Simply providing an all-encompassing plan and receptables will not produce a successful recycling program without training, education, oversight, and management.  Eventually the program will fail, or worse, become an impediment to daily workflow.  Culture change must be the goal.

However, there are many techniques our team has developed to streamline this process.  Specifically, our belief is that awareness by employees of any new recycling program or changes to an existing one, combined with simplicity of the agency’s recycling effort, will drive volume.  Our team understand that no two facilities are the same.  Management style, personalities, size geography, among other factors, makes each facility unique.  Thus, we take a hand-on or ownership-stake approach in order to develop creative solutions to deal with the myriad of complications that may arise.

Sustainability Reporting

Today, companies are facing immense pressure to measure, divulge, and improve on their sustainability key performance indicators (KPI)s; and for investors, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities are core to well-managed and profitable companies.  Therefore, measuring sustainability KPI’s is becoming an essential business practice.

Sustainability reporting for water, electricity, and gas can rely on operative metering for comprehensible metrics.  However, waste metrics are not typically straight forward and are often complex and multifaceted.  Waste data from conventional sources can often be misinterpreted.  For CWS, reporting is an integral part of the continuous performance monitoring of any waste management program.  Our methods of measurement and reporting are supported by verifiable data and client specific indicators providing an accurate picture and a straight path forward toward improvement.

Corporate Waste Solutions

On-Site Support

Corporate Waste Solutions

For some clients, on-site support is necessary to achieve the highest level of program success.  On-site support is often requested for long-term, multi-year projects and for clients with aggressive sustainability goals.  A dedicated Sustainabilty Consultant will ensure effective implementation of program plans.  This may include research, ROI analysis, policy development, plan development, change management, education development, and monitoring and reporting.

Continuous Program Monitoring

Lasting program success comes from creating culture change through effective planning, change management, and continuous monitoring and fine-tuning over time.   Many programs fail when procedures are implemented and forgotten.  Regularly monitoring and measuring of programs provides feedback, awareness, and ultimately culture change.  Our clients choose to continue our partnership beyond initial program implementation, assisting them with the necessary program monitoring and reporting they need to guarantee continued success.  We build long-term partnerships with our clients, adjusting to various business changes, and ensuring lasting program success.

Corporate Waste Solutions